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January 24, 2017


"Making a good landscape painting requires the artist to make something that is simple and beautiful. The painting must not be a mere copy of nature or of a master's great and epic work, rather it must come from one's deepest emotions and understanding of landscape art and what it means. These are things that can't be copied." -Terence Teo


The amalgamation of his immersion within the natural environment, freely expressed emotions and new layering techniques of Chinese Ink, brought about the stirrings of this series of work titled Expressionistic Symphony. The rainforest depicted in this series of work are landscapes conjured up through resurfacing emotions entrenched within his subconsciousness. The diverse strata of the rainforest are rendered with the presence of an elusive emotion, resulting in the obscuration of lines with layers of colours. Hues and tones trip over one another, synthesizing an elusive tempo. Serendipitously, scattered tones merge into a chord, into a melody that materialises a scene from a rainforest. 








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