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January 27, 2017



"To split from tradition, to add a freer style and line, to suggest Western abstraction, most of the time I draw freely but at the same time the line must be in control so I can express what I feel without appearing chaotic."

-Terence Teo


Terence Teo's dedication to his craft can be seen through his paintings. Many years of constant pursuit of his practice has allowed him to rely on his senses as he paints his feelings, deciding spontaneously on the colour, stroke and precision to create the mood and overall effect of what he wants to achieve. 


On first viewing, one might think of his paintings as mere abstractions of colour, at times chaotic.  The battles of light and dark, positive and negative space, created narratives that lives beyond the surface of the painting. Take a step back, allow some time to immerse yourself and relish the form in his rich heavily layered brushstrokes. Terence Teo's paintings is not simply a kaleidoscope of colours but a joyous celebration of  nature itself. 


"Though this be madness, yet there is method in it." -Shakespeare 










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